Bristlebots: Learning about circuits


The bristlebots are coming!  

In our final project we will construct bristlebots.  Bristlebots are tiny robots made of a motor, battery & a toothbrush.  These tiny robots are a fun way to explore the concept of circuits, motors, and engineering.  Let’s begin by learning some background information about circuits.

First, read about electricity and circuits.

Next, watch these videos. (You might want your earbuds.)

Video #1

Video #2

After you have completed the reading watched both the videos.  Check out some of these circuits games:

Finally, don’t forget to take the QUIZ!



Our trimester long unit on rockets is coming to a close! Students are hard at work designing and building water bottle rockets that will hopefully travel to extraordinary heights!  We have studied the laws that govern rockets and motion, as well as the history of space exploration now it is time to combine all of our knowledge into rocket design.  Time for takeoff!!!

STEM 2: Email etiquette & creating a makerspace


How do you send an email to a teacher?  Use the guidelines given by Ms.Frank to send her an email.  Please answer the following questions:

1. What is a makerspace?

2.Find at least two pictures of makerspaces in schools.

3. What tools, toys, or technology do yo think we should have in our makerspace here at CMS?

4. What types of projects would you be interested in working on at our makerspace here at CMS?


IMG_2647STEM 1 students will begin their exploration of catapults this week.  We will construct, launch, collect, and analyze data using our catapults.  We will begin with playing some catapult games which can be found by following these links:

Play these ones first:

This one is for fun:

Welcome to Trimester 3

Welcome to trimester 3!  I’ll use this blog as a way to provide information to students and families regarding both S.T.E.M. 1 and S.T.E.M. 2 classes at C.M.S.  Please check back for more information as well as updates on projects and curriculum.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with my course syllabus, you can find it here.